Educator/Supervisor Resources

Welcome to the IPL Educator Resources

We’ve created these resources to use in the health and community sectors. This site exists to help kickstart and assist practitioners in their understanding of IPL and how it could be incorporated into placements. The examples can help you to see how IPL could work in your area of practice


Assessment for Learning/ Assessment of Learning

The activities we’ve developed are not intended for formal assessment of grading, instead they may be used as part of a portfolio. They can also contribute to overall student competency with their learning while on placement. IPL can help students with communication, teamwork, collaborative care, conflict resolution, problem-solving, leadership, life-long learning and patient/client-focused care. 

How resources might be incorporated

Site supervisors may select individual activities for students to complete on placement

Students could include activities as part of a University portfolio for clinical placement

Specific activities could be included as a University curriculum outcome requirement

Educators could implement as an interprofessional tutorial activity