Interprofessional Patient/Client Interaction

Interprofessional Patient/Client Interaction

In this activity, two or more students from different professions interact with a patient/client in providing a component of the person’s care. Part 1: physical/mental health assessment or history-taking or home visit assessment or education session. Part 2 (optional): mind map/care plan.

Time Commitment



Learning Outcomes

  • Explain interprofessional practice to patients, clients, families and other professionals
  • Describe the areas of practice of other health, social care and human services professions
  • Express professional opinions competently, confidently, and respectfully avoiding discipline specific language
  • Plan patient/client care goals and priorities with involvement of other health, social care and human services professionals
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the care of patients/clients through the involvement of other health, social care and human services professionals.

Task Guidelines

This activity involves students from different professions working together and with the patient/client to provide a component of the patient/client’s care.

Prior to the interaction

Review the patient/client records to ensure you have a sound understanding of the reason for your interaction with the patient/client.

Consider relevant background information, involvement of other professions, care provided to date and future care plans.

Plan with the other student(s) how you will conduct the interprofessional patient/client interaction? (Refer to worksheet). For example, how will consent be obtained? How will you explain to the patient/client the purpose of the interaction and what the interaction will entail? What questions will be asked and by whom? How will you ensure patient/client does not become overwhelmed?

Arrange a time with the patient/client to conduct the interaction.

Brief your supervisor(s) on your plan for the interaction.

During the interaction

See Worksheet for aspects of care to consider in this learning activity.

After the interaction

Ensure the worksheet is complete, you debrief with your fellow student(s) and supervisor on the experience, and you complete any necessary administration (e.g. supervisor signature) for your portfolio or placement assessment.