Patient/Client Experience Of Interprofessional Care

Patient/Client Experience Of Interprofessional Care

In this activity, one or more students from different professions conduct an interview with a patient/client to listen to their story of their interactions with multiple health, social care and/or other human services professionals.

Time Commitment



Learning Outcomes

  • Explain interprofessional practice to patients, clients, families and other professionals
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the care of patients/clients through the involvement of other health, social care and/or human services professionals
  • Critically evaluate protocols and practices in relation to interprofessional practice

Task Guidelines

This activity requires one student, or multiple students from different professions to interview a patient/client about his/her journey through the health and/or community sector and how the various professionals involved work together in providing care.

Prior to the interview

Review the patient/client records to gain an understanding of his/her health and social care background.

Make a note of relevant background information, involvement of other professions, care provided to date and future care plans.

Plan with the other student(s) how you will conduct the interview. (Refer to worksheet).

Arrange a time with the patient/client to conduct the interview.

During the interview

See Worksheet for interview prompts.

After the interview

Meet after conducting the interview to reflect on the patient/client’s journey within the health and/or community sector and his/her experiences of how the various professionals involved work together in providing care.

Use the worksheet reflection prompts to guide discussion.

This discussion can be student facilitated (i.e. no supervisors present) OR facilitated by a supervisor.

If student facilitated, decide how you will facilitate your discussion. For example, will you appoint a leader?

Students may also undertake this activity alone, completing the worksheet and debriefing with their supervisor.

After the discussion, ensure the worksheet is complete, you have discussed it with your supervisor, and you have completed any necessary administration (e.g. supervisor signature) for your portfolio or placement assessment.