Shared Workplace Debrief

Shared Workplace Debrief

In this activity, two or more students from different professions come together to constructively critique the collaborative care elements of an occasion of interprofessional practice they have observed in a shared workplace. (e.g. team meeting, case conference)

Time Commitment



Learning Outcomes

  • Critically evaluate protocols and practices in relation to interprofessional practice
  • Recognise and resolve disagreements in relation to patient/client care that arise from different disciplinary perspectives

Task Guidelines

This activity requires students from different professions to attend and observe an interprofessional shared workplace forum where patient/client care is discussed. Immediately after the forum, the students meet together to constructively critique the collaborative care elements of the forum.

Prior to the forum

Ensure you are aware of the purpose of the interprofessional forum and who usually attends.

During the forum

Introduce yourself to the forum chair.

Use the worksheet to observe collaborative aspects of the interprofessional forum.

After the forum

Students meet after observing the forum to constructively critique the collaborative elements of the forum.

This discussion can be student facilitated (i.e. no supervisors present) OR facilitated by a supervisor.

If student facilitated, decide how you will facilitate your discussion. For example, will you appoint a leader? Use the worksheet to facilitate discussion.

After the discussion, ensure the worksheet is complete, you have discussed it with your supervisor, and you have completed any necessary administration (e.g. supervisor signature) for your portfolio or placement assessment.