Tips for Educators/Supervisors

Creating Opportunities For Informal IPL In The Placement Setting

Students can and do learn from:

  • Students from other professions (even if students are at different stages within their course)
  • Staff from other professions
  • Patients/clients about their experiences of interprofessional care

Tips for Supervisors

1Interprofessional learning opportunities are present in most workplaces as part of routine practice.

For Example: attending or presenting in interprofessional case conferences or team meetings, discussing clients and care plans with other professionals, making referrals.

2Interprofessional learning is NOT an extra activity

Interprofessional competence is required by all students. Students need IPL experience to meet these competencies.

3Students can develop interprofessional competencies by participating in routine workplace practice

Learning is enhanced when the interprofessional learning aspect is made explicit and students can debrief and reflect on the experience.

4Students can be shy

Encourage them to interact with students or professionals, especially from other disciplines:

  • Find out what interprofessional experience the student has already gained and build on this
  • Set interprofessional learning and working as an expectation of placement
  • Orientate students to the interprofessional team approach to service delivery
  • Provide examples of IPL opportunities that students may encounter on placement.
  • Introduce students to staff from other professions and at interprofessional forums that is, treat the student as a team member
  • Be aware of which other professions have students on placement at any one time – check with your supervisor colleagues
  • Facilitate introductions of students from different professions
  • Allow time for students to make the most of IPL opportunities and the subsequent debriefing and reflection
  • Encourage students to seek out interprofessional opportunities and discuss them with you – promote experiences that complement their own interests
  • Encourage students to learn from clients/patients about their experiences of interprofessional care

5Students learn by observing the culture of the workplace

Discuss and role model ways to enable interprofessional practice.

6Assessment drives learning

Discuss with your students how IPL is incorporated into the placement assessment.