Interprofessional Observation Experience

Interprofessional Observation Experience

In this activity, a student takes part in a structured observation of an area of practice of a student or staff member from a different profession.


Time Commitment





Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the areas of practice of other health, social care and/or human services professions
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the care of patients/clients through the involvement of other health, social care and/or human services professionals

Task Guidelines

Interprofessional observations can involve students observing other students from different professions OR students observing other professionals.



Prior to the observation
Ask the professional or student you will be observing if there is any reading or other preparation you can do before the observation that will enhance the experience.

During to the observation
See Worksheet for observational prompts. Students should be able to undertake the observation without their supervisor being present.

After the observation
Ensure the worksheet is complete, you debrief with your supervisor on the experience, and you complete any necessary administration (e.g. supervisor signature) for your portfolio or placement assessment.